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Monday, August 22, 2011

I really think it's a sign......

As many of you know, I lost my mom on June 27, 2010. I miss her terribly. On the Wed after she passed, I was working in the garden. I asked God for a sign that my mom had arrived and I would be ok. A couple seconds later, this yellow finch was on the fence, just singing away. I have always loved feeding and watching the birds. Something my mom also enjoyed. I watched the bird for a bit and then back to work. A couple days later, I was having a sad day. As I was cleaning the living room, I heard a bird singing, and sure enough there was a yellow finch, outside our window singing. I watched her for a while and went on about my cleaning. A week later, I was baking some cookies. Another thing I learned from my mom. She was such an awesome cook and baker. I thank God she taught me to enjoy this also. As I was taking out a batch of her peanut butter cookies (Bryan's favorite) I again heard this bird singing in the pouring rain. I looked out our kitchen window and sure enough, a yellow finch sitting on my shepherds hook. I grabbed the camera and took this picture. I think God has this bird watching over me as I journey though the loss of my mom. It sure seems this bird shows up when I need her the most. Just like my mom. She always knew when I needed one of her letters or cards!
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