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Saturday, May 21, 2011

I think I have my creative mojo back!
I made this card for my niece who is having roommate issues. She only has a couple months left with this roommate. The inside says,"Hang in there!"

This card is for my sister-in-law who has a child who has gotten a couple bad grades. On the inside it says, "Thought you would like to see something without a D of F on it!" *I left those letters off the front of the card. I hope it puts a smile on her face and a chuckle in her heart.

This last card I made for my "crafting friend," Mary. I love her cards and projects and I so appreciate her sharing them with the rest of the crafting world. Her blog address is Go look at the awesome things she makes.

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  1. It was neat to see that both of us who were featured on Coffee and Cards at Cardztv are Wisconsinites! I'm your newest follower!