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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Yucky outside...great day to craft!

I know you are probably wondering where my volunteer update is for Friday. Well I did not have to go in. There were only 3 patients enrolled in the program and there were 2 volunteers going in earlier than me. So I went to some garage sales with my friend Cindy. I found a pair of leather loafers (never worn) for 50 cents. They are so comfy. And I got a butter dish for 5 cents. It was a fun day. I will be going to volunteer this Friday, so stay tuned for more great adventures.

It is a cold day here in Wisconsin. I think our high today is suppose to be 54! I thought I would try to make some Twisted Easel Cards that I saw on Mary's blog. ( She make them look so easy! This one is for my mom. She continues to struggle with health issues. The colors did not come out very well. The "bug" is lime green and matches the card base.

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