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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Volunteering adventures!

Friday did not start out to be a good day at volunteering. When I got to the volunteer office my "boss" gave me a list of patients that he thought I would enjoy. He was heading to a meeting to discuss our budget. I told him to let them know that I did not need a raise. He did not get it, and I told him, I am a volunteer, they don't pay me! Then he chuckled and out the door. My first stop was to room 804, Mrs C. Mrs C was all hunkered down in about 5 blankets. I walked in and said, "Good Morning, how are you doing today/" She got this look in her eyes, and snapped "I am in the god dam hospital, how do you think I am doing?" Well I guess the nursing staff forgot to give her some happy pills with her morning meds. I asked her if I could get her anything, and she snapped back with a firm NOPE! I left her room, and took a deep breath hoping this would not be the way the whole day was going. Next stop room 1108. Mrs W. I took a deep breath before walking in, getting ready to whatever might happen. Mrs W was sitting up in bed, looking out the window. I asked her how she was doing this morning and her  reply "oh, pretty good." WHEW, this would be a nice visit. Mrs W had just ordered her lunch and was waiting for it to come. As we got her all ready we chatted about my garden. Mrs W had gardened for years. And canned. I told her how my mom and dad had canned for years, and with my mom's recent passing, I hoped to carry on the tradition of canning. Mrs W said she would like a warm wash cloth to wash her face before lunch arrived. Just as we finished that, her lunch came. She had ordered fish, mashed potatoes, peas and a brownie. We uncovered and opened everything up and she looked around at her plate. Grabbed her fork and headed for that brownie. I asked her if it was good. And she told me that she always tastes her dessert first. Then if she starts getting full on the healthy stuff, she will know when to stop so she can still have room for dessert. She asked me to put on the news, and I left her to enjoy her lunch. Next stop was Mrs B. She was in room 818. I walked in and she had a visitor. They were just starting to eat their lunch. I asked if she minded if I sat and visited while they ate. They both welcomed the company. I knew Mrs B, she was my patient a couple weeks ago and I got to visit with her while she ate that day. She was so excited that day because she was going home. She remembered me, and was telling her husband about the great visit we had the last time. Her husband is blind, and has been since the age of 15. They have such a fairy tale romance. They met when they were both young adults. Her father would not let her marry this man because of his blindness. Her father was afraid he could never provide a life for his daughter. They both went their separate ways, married other people. As fate would have it, they were both getting kicked to the curb (as her husband tells the story) at the same time from their respective spouses. Mary had moved to Arizona. So, Mary moved back to Wisconsin. And when she got to Madison, she thought she would look in the phone book and see if she could find him. She found his phone number and gave him a call...the rest they say is history! In the 20 years they were apart, they never spoke to each other. But according to Mr B once they met up again, it was like they were never apart. It was nice to see her again. I had thought about her a lot since I had first met her. I told her that I hoped she was better and home by the next time I came in to volunteer, but if not, I looked forward to visiting with her again. I went back to the volunteer office, and I told my boss that one of the things I don't like about my volunteering is that once a patient leave the hospital, we don't have any contact. I hope that my little visit has helped make their day a little brighter. I know most of the patients I see, have helped make my days a little brighter!
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