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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall weather...makes me happy!

Sure does not seem like that long ago since I posted.
Fall is my favorite time of year. I have been busy baking and canning.
Canned some tomatoes from our garden. Still have a LOT of green tomatoes. Both cherry and beefsteak. I have a feeling they are going to all turn ripe at once.  I have picked 5-- 1/2 gallon sized buckets of cherry tomatoes. Even tried my hand at making Raspberry refrigerator jam out of green tomatoes. It is really good! If you did not know there were green tomatoes in it, you can not tell. Although, next time I make it, I will chop up the tomatoes a lot smaller. My jam was a little chunky!
I have been making some cards. When my mom passed away in June, I lost my pen pal. We loved sending each other cards and letters. I lost my desire to craft after she passed away. I have been forcing myself to make some cards, and finally for the first time today, it felt good making cards again.
I sent this card to my dad. He has lots of trees at his house, and fall is spent raking and burning leaves. Although I don't think he has as much joy in doing it as this monkey.
This was my first shot at a center panel card. (ok so, this was my third attempt!) I think it turned out ok. I look forward to making more of these. I am still learning how to color with colored pencils and orderless mineral spirits.

This is for my niece, Kristen. She is a CNA at a nursing home, and as I know from working with the elderly with my volunteer work they can sometimes be a challenge. I hope this makes her day a little brighter.
Thanks for stopping by and hope you come back soon!
Enjoy today!

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  1. All 3 of your cards are adorable, but I think I like the center step card the most. Great coloring and shading on all of them.