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Saturday, September 10, 2011

WHEW...what a week!

We have had such a busy week. Wonder why it seems that everything happens at once? Next week, we have nothing but our volunteer schedules. Let's see....Monday was the holiday. Sure seems like a long time ago. We did yard work. Pulled a bunch of weeds. Cleaned up some of the garden. Tuesday and Thursday is the day I get to help my neighbor  (and friend) with her grandchildren. I love spending time with these kids, although it makes me miss our granddaughter! I go over at lunch and help feed them. Once they are all down for naps, my job is done. They are 2 years, 23 months, 9 months and 8 months. The youngest are really starting to get around so that makes things a little more challenging! Bryan goes to Meriter on Tuesday's to volunteer. On Wed, I had a surprise for Bryan! About 4 months ago, I entered him in a Home Town Hero contest put on by a A1-Furniture and Bedding. You had to write why you thought they should be a Home Town Hero. I wrote about how proud I was of his fight and determination since his stroke. His never give up attitude. I told how since he can't return to work, he now volunteers 2 days a week helping the current stroke patients at the same hospital he did both his in-patient and out-patient rehab at. First place was a $500.00 gift certificate, second place $50.00 and third was $25.00. I got an e-mail on Sunday that he had won 2nd place! We are saving up for a new recliner for him. Since his stroke, some nights he just can't get comfy in bed with his left sided weakness so he sleeps in the recliner. This recliner is almost 20 years old! We got it really cheap because someone had special ordered it and did not like the color green it came in. Well, on Tuesday while Bryan was at Meriter, the owner of the store called and said that Bryan's story really touched his heart. He wanted to give him a new recliner! WHAT! He asked if we could come into the store on Wed and pick it out. I did not tell Bryan where we were going. We got to the store, and he wanted to know what we were doing there. I told him that I had to go in, I had won a gift certificate. Once in the store the owner came and met us. He showed us all the recliners and pointed some out. They were very nice, but seemed small. Bryan sat in one that he REALLY liked. It had a little higher of a back for when he sleeps in  it. The owner had a phone call, and said he would be back. I watched the owner as he watched Bryan try the different recliners out. Always going back to the same one. I told Bryan not to get to attached because of the price. He said he knew, but it was so comfy. The owner came back and said to Bryan, "you really like this one, don't you?" Bryan replied, "yes, it is nice, taller back and very comfy." Then the owner said, "Well, ok then that is the one I want you to have!" My jaw dropped. This was a $699.00 recliner! Our neighbor helped Bryan go and pick it up later that afternoon. We got the old recliner moved upstairs (it's mine now!) and Bryan's all set up in his "man cave." I have even gotten to sit in it a few times.Then Wed night was our monthly Young Stroke/Caregivers support group. We really enjoy going to these. We have met so many awesome people through this group.  So now it is Thursday already. We spent the day getting the hot tub ready for winter. We started draining it in the morning. Then I went to do my lunch duty with the kids next door and Bryan went for coffee. After it was drained, I got in and scrubbed the inside. Then begins the process to fill it back up. Friday is our day to volunteer, and that brings us to today. Spent the day getting things done around my craft room. Cleaned and put everything where it belongs. Tried my hand at making a new kind of card called a panel card. After 3 attempts I think I got it. (I will post pictures tomorrow) Watched the Badger game. The water in the hot tub is now up to 120 degrees, guess where I will be going tonight! Ahhhh...
It was a good week, it was a very busy week.
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a great day!

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