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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Packer Sunday!

Happy Sunday!
I woke up with a really bad headache, so have spent most of the morning in silence. Well...silence until Bryan got home from coffee singing the Subway $5.00 foot long jingle.
I have always been someone who clips coupons. But never gave them much thought, if I remembered to take them to the store, great if not, no big deal. Well that all changed after Bryan's stroke. I really had to learn how to budget and stretch our food dollar. I am getting better (still feel confused at times) but I am learning so much. How to look at the deals and use my coupons to my advantage. One of the resources that have really helped me is This web page is full of information. You really need to check it out. They also have a face book page
Here is how I worked coupons for our supper on Friday night. Wisconsin Coupon Clippers put up a like for a coupon for $2.00 off a DiGirino pizza. We usually have pizza on Friday nights after a day of volunteering. I also had a coupon from Fresh Express for $1.00 of a bag of lettuce.
I went to the grocery store, and DiGirino pizza were on sale for $5.59, the bag of lettuce was on sale for $1.19. So, with my coupons I got the pizza for $3.59 and the lettuce for 19 cents! I was pretty proud of myself! I like the challenge of getting the best deal I can!
Hope you all have a great today!
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