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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bryan's project.....done!

I have ALWAYS hated the tv stand we had downstairs. We got the big tv about 5 years ago, and used an old stand we had in the basement. It was black so if felt like it needed to be dusted daily. Notice I said, needed, not that it was done. And it was low. For the past 6 months, Bryan and I have been looking at them in the stores. We would like something on one, something else on another. But they still all seemed so low. And so expensive for a what we wanted. We both wanted something very simple. So one day Bryan and I were talking, and we thought that (will a little....ok a lot) of help we could make our own. My brother-in-law, Tim is an awesome wood crafter. After sending him an e-mail on what we wanted he thought we could do it. So one Saturday, Bryan and I went up to their house. Bryan and Tim put together what we wanted! It is GREAT! It makes the whole room so much brighter. The tv sits up so much higher.
I took a before and after picture!
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