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Monday, November 7, 2011

Well....Saturday sure sucked!

Saturday was my birthday, and it really sucked. This is my first birthday since the passing of my mom.
She really knew how to make a person feel so special on their birthday. She always called, we always got 2 cards, one funny one and one special one. Growing up as kids, we always got to have our favorite meal and our favorite dessert. I always picked her spaghetti and her Orange Kiss Me Cake. Although in my more "adult" years, I wanted her apple pie. This pie she won a blue ribbon for at the fair in their town. I tried to keep so busy on Saturday, but spent a lot of time crying. The phone never cards in the spaghetti dinner or apple pie. It was a very beautiful sun shiny day. I did laundry and hung out our bedding. My sister-in-law gave me a bottle of my favorite laundry soap, so doing laundry gave me some comfort. I was emotionally drained and ready for bed about 7:30, but went around to turn the clocks back before I went to bed, but that made it 6:30. YUK!
Thanks so much for stopping by, and hope you come back again!
Enjoy today!


  1. Hi Joan,
    Bless your heart...I'm so sorry about your mom passing. She sounds like such a wonderful, caring woman, and very much like my mother who passed away 17 years ago. I don't think we ever get over losing our mothers, no matter how much times goes by. We learn to live with our grief, and long for the day we'll see them again. I'll keep you in my prayers, sweet lady, and hope you have a good week. Belated Happy Birthday wishes! If you'll email your address to me, I have something I'd like to send you. My email address is

  2. Oh Joan, Sorry to hear your B-day Sucked! Birthday's Suck for me too. I've lost both of my parents. I miss their calls and cards. I really miss talking with them. I have friends who try fill that void. Even my dh tries. But it just not the same thing.

    One thing I can do is tell you to remember all those fun times that you had with your mom. Close your eyes and remember her.

    Hope you're weekend will be better. Enjoy life!